Viking Invasion Brings Hoard to York for JORVIK Viking Festival

Posted on 8th December 2017

As Viking enthusiasts from around the world prepare to gather in York for the annual…

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Viking Brothers Prepare for Anniversary of Invasion

Posted on 1st November 2017

It was 1 November 866 when the Vikings first invaded the Anglo-Saxon town of Eoforwic…

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From Norse novels to tall tales: The Bloodaxe Book Challenge returns!

Posted on 27th October 2017

With storytelling a key part of Viking culture, tales of mythical creatures and heroic warriors…

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Growing the Viking army: local companies invited to join JORVIK Viking Festival Fringe 2018

Posted on 24th October 2017

  With the next Viking invasion of York to take place in February, organisers of…

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Who the Thor is ‘Doris’? Storm Survival Tips from JORVIK’s Vikings

Posted on 22nd February 2017

It takes more than a storm named ‘Doris’ to scare the Vikings, who will be…

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